Sunday, May 04, 2008


Count me lucky! After breakfast in Lakeway Sunday morning, we stopped for mail (east entrance, first parking space). I handed it to Terri, checked behind me driverside, passenger side, started to backup then a piece of mail she had caught my eye as I stepped on the brake to look. Just then, an SUV zoomed up the street behind us (my view obscured by a large bush) - I am certain had I continued without stopping to see the mail piece I would have been hit hard, T-boned at worst.

One solution would be to use parking space 3 as it gives a better view and more reaction time.

I couldn't see who it was or even catch them to see... but whoever you are, you are lucky too. Even when there's no injury, there's a whole world of hassle getting a car towed, fixed, etc. Deductibles apply. Inconvenience. Time spent. A big pain.

Everybody - watch out for folks backing out of the kiosk parking - there's a blind spot.

Writing of blindness, long ago I blogged with picture of the blind spot which can happen if you are turning out of the east entrance left (west) and your view of the car speeding downhill is blocked by a car turning into S.O. - you see ONE car, think it's clear, and boot it. Surprise!

Another is headed east uphill - I saw this the other day - the car in the inner lane was turning left, had stopped, but didn't have a turn signal or brake lights lit. It took a little time to realize he/she was stopped! If I had been tailgated or the outer lane was blocked...

Even another situation is when you are turning into the east entrance from the east... car behind you waits to pull over to the outer lane too long - and the car behind him isn't paying attention. You get hit.

We've all been lucky or have grown extra senses. If I had a teen just starting out, I'd sure read this to them, maybe show it in real life. There are several unusual situations lurking out there even for experienced drivers.

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