Sunday, September 16, 2007


There hasn't been much action - no posts for a week at least - we were away in Santa Fe. Locally, there's no news other than a few divorces which aren't appropriate for the purposes of this blog.

Notice how some truck drivers simply can't stay on the road as they leave deep ruts here and there - I wonder if that's just some sort of contempt?

It seems that every time we pull in there's another new guard!

Some cooler evenings and nights have given us some beautiful dog-walkin' morning weather. I snapped the picture above with my phone... wish it had better detail. I hope you can appreciate the moment.

The coalition of whatever its called for Highway 71 got some great press in The View, local Lake Travis and area paper. One of the points made was that there could be a permanent turn lane... IN SEVEN YEARS!!!

Interesting, isn't it, as they redo 71 at Bee Caves road. And surprise of all surprises, the Bee Caves parkway project seems to have helped traffic flow control on 620, Bee Caves and 71!!!

The mall is starting to look less like a construction project and more like what it will become. Barnes and Noble, here I come!

As always, your contributions are more than welcome.

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