Thursday, April 26, 2007


This from a neighbor... and a great idea!

Yesterday I had an LCRA audit. It is a free service, well I am sure I paid for it 1,000 times last year in my water bill, but they come out for 5-6 hours to test and evaluate your sprinkler system and reset it for more efficiency. For new neighbors, this may be something they are not aware is available. LCRA provides a detailed report on any repairs, adjustment, etc. as well as a recommended run schedule by station. As landscaping matures, this service is invaluable because growing plants can block water flow, new shade can change watering needs, and wear and tear can create clogs or bent heads. The guy I had was a Master Gardener so he knew the watering needs of my various plants as well. I would highly recommend this every year! Just a phone call away...

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