Friday, February 29, 2008


We finally received some of the answers to questions posed at the/ or for the/ annual meeting last month. They've been sent to the opt-in weekly e-mail list and will be posted on the HOA website. Probably not appropriate to post here through certain questions RAISED questions and clearly there's more to come.

Anybody know what the 'lift' is all about on La Barzola? <>

Meanwhile another wreck reported yesterday AM at 71 and the Madrones. No details.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Overheard two motorcycle cops just now, talking about Highway 71. Apparently there was a police meeting somewhere at that moment discussing crackdowns on speeders on on 71. As one put it, "5 mph over can happen without you knowing it, but 10 - you're speeding on purpose. I might give a warning." The other said, "if 10 over, and on the phone, it's a ticket for them."

Be warned. And safe.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Spanish Oaks Boulevard, as it passes through the circle, clearly isn't working the way it was intended, due primarily to too-large-truck traffic. We've seen mitigation attempts from wooden fencing to rocks to HUGE ROCKS and now, no rocks. Maybe something has happened since last night - you never know.

We hear the circle will be rebuilt but cannot obtain a solid timetable or plan.

Maybe they'll pave it.
Or put cameras to catch the miscreants and fine them.
Or post a guard permanently.
Or fence it with an angry bull in the fence.

Who's in charge? What are they thinking? Who knows?

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Fatal wreck on Texas 71 kills three, injures 5
By Melissa Mixon | Saturday, February 16, 2008, 03:14 PM

At least three people are dead and five are seriously or critically injured after a two-car collision this afternoon, emergency officials said.

The dead are believed to be “student aged,” around 16 to 18 years old, and one of the critically injured is believed to be a child, said Warren Hassinger, a spokesman for Austin-Travis County EMS. Names and information about the injured and deceased were not immediately available.

Click here for full story

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Rebar has been installed into the community pool area. It's one heck of a lot of iron!

Some of the roads back there have been paved.

A visit with two friends and generations of fishing technique added up to one catch and release. I lost a lure but caught another lure. Entropy.

Here are a few pictures of the latest (Sunday past.)

Saturday, February 09, 2008


According to TxDOT's Exec Director, TxDOT's ability to come anywhere close to meeting those needs (for the next 25 years) looks doubtful, due to problems caused by stagnating revenue sources, escalating costs, and cuts in expected federal aid as resources are devoted to other programs, including military spending.

In the biennial appropriations bill passed by the Texas Legislature in 2007, TxDOT was allocated more than $8.721 billion for fiscal 2008, but the funding has not developed as anticipated, and the agency is having to cut back on what it intended to spend for maintenance and new construction projects.

READ full article click here!

Where does that leave what will be discussed below? Somebody be sure to ask. Also get timetable projections. Then please pass along info to this blog. My guess is that if we see 71 widened at the bridge over B Creek within 5 years, the roadway will contain a chapel where pilgrims can visit the site of the miracle!


TxDOT will hold an open house on Tuesday, February 26th, at the Travis County West Rural Community Center (adjacent to the City of Austin Fire Station, west of the "Y") from 5 pm to 8 pm. The purpose of the open house is to discuss proposed improvements to SH 71 from Uplands Ridge to Silvermine Drive (approximately 1/2 mile east of Thomas Springs Road). The proposed improvements would widen SH 71 to accommodate a continuous turn lane and shoulders.

Another wreck yesterday up the hill toward Bee Cave Road. No details.


The Backyard may no longer be in our backyard. Click here for the story.


If you are a regular reader you know (about three or four posts below) that upon request, I had submitted questions to be answered at the annual meeting. They were not addressed.

I've been told they are in process.

So - what is the proper forum for getting answers which relate to our HOA if not through the one suggested? I completely understand the (assumed) desire of the board to not turn the annual meeting into a bitch session; still, it seems there's been a disconnect. Questions were solicited. Wouldn't it have made sense to say something at the meeting like "some of you have questions which we'll be addressing in the near future." I'd ask why the delay? Why were no specifics given to the one question about the apparent HOA payment for trail maintenance ("I'll get back to you" was Steve's answer.) Well, what's the answer to that one?

Supposedly some of the questions were unanswerable due to Pam's absence due to family matters. That's understandable and unfortunate.

Despite an effort at better communication it seems to me we are back in a lull which needs attention. Again I insist that the best salespeople for this development are the people who live here. They deserve better service from management.

In my business experience (radio) there's the rule of quintiles: basically about 80% of your business comes from 20% of heavy users. I'm sure if you sat down all the owners only 20% would have issues or would wish to participate. (Many people are non-confrontational or apathetic.) A free flow of information which affects us all would serve the 20% and maybe bring the others into a greater sense of inclusion.


That said, an update - as of yesterday it looked like the curbing has been installed on one of the roads to the fish camp. You'd have to assume paving would be soon. This is exactly the kind of basic information which if communicated would give the owners a better sense of ownership and progress.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


This is the lodge at Fish Camp though it's up the street (still unpaved.) Think whistling and Andy and Opie and coffee can of worms.

Or imagine sparkling blue waters as bronzed moms and dads chat while their kiddos splash poolside. Or maybe a sunset/evening party. This has the makings of a good thing. See below for more.


By July this will be a pool. Pretty nice size. Start saving for your chlorine assessment! This is at the lodge and will be open to all owners. We understand unofficially that the food concession will be run by the Golf club personnel but we have several questions about that. There IS a kitchen in there.

Who will be the grandest in the land part 1 - this home is hidden by the valley in which it sits in a prime location. Could be a major contender.

Who will be the grandest in the land, part 2. Impressive hilltop location. Looks huge from back road.

When we get a great sunset they are worth keeping. Or emailing. This one was spectacular.

I've been promising the Rustmans (new to SO) that I'd include their picture but have been slow. Here they are - a great couple.

Friday, February 01, 2008


If you happen to have examined your recent Sharp propane bill you should find a new line item (Usage of - - - - CF) that appears to inflate your charge.

Sharp indicated that their billing service has been alerted to this additional line item and Sharp states that your total charge is correct. This billing format should be corrected for the next billing cycle.

Propane cost has risen from $.077 to $.088 per cubic foot since the last billing period.

Plans to put a herd of cattle on the golf course as a cost-cutting source of methane generation have been shelved due to the difficulty of trapping the gas.